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At a Glance: Parallels Desktop 6

Parallels today released their latest and greatest instalment of their virtualisation software, Parallels Desktop 6. Now I have actually been testing the Beta version for the best part of 3 months now in private (as with most testing programmes) so I know the software pretty well now. The user interface hasn’t changed much at all – just [...]

Three UK MiFi service

One of the main problems I find with working on the go is connections. I have an account with the three major WiFi providers yet when I need internet – there is never a hotspot around. I have used HSDPA modems and phone tethering but none really deal with the issue and never seem to [...]

Google’s New Design?

Google has stuck with the same design for many years now. A few changes here and there but on the whole, it is the same design. I was faced today with what appeared to be a new design of Google and it’s results pages. Now imagine my surprise when I go onto Google one day and I’m [...]

SeeSaw Online TV Review

SeeSaw, for those who don’t already know what it is, is the attempt at co-ordinated online TV for all the major networks in the UK. You may have already heard of it under the heading of Project Kangaroo, a project that was blocked by the European Competition commission amid fears that it would turn into a monolithic beast [...]

A new year, a new blog…

For the past 4 months, my usage of social network like Twitter has gone up as appose to Facebook which I now rarely visit. The main attraction being you dont get hounded by pointless quizzes about what type of superhero your friends cat is. The problem now with twitter is I only have 144 characters [...]