Google’s New Design?

Google has stuck with the same design for many years now. A few changes here and there but on the whole, it is the same design. I was faced today with what appeared to be a new design of Google and it’s results pages.

Now imagine my surprise when I go onto Google one day and I’m presented with a slightly different logo. Not one to commemorate a certain person or to highlight a holiday, a new Google logo (pictured below).

That was not all thats changed on the main search page. Google introduced fading on the main splash page about 6 months ago and I have to say it makes it look a great deal simpler but with the new homepage revisions, they have cleaned up the screen completely. When moving the mouse, the details and account information return as per the change back in october.

So without further ago, I present the new Google homepage

It is clean, clear and concise. A way all designs should be but gives the user a chance to get all the functions at the move of a mouse. Nice one Google. Now this isn’t a huge deal of change really, its just a tweak but the search results page, that’s changed the most.

The search results page is even more simplified. You no longer have the search query you entered or the option to define it. You also have a selection of new features like searching updates which brings up a screen showing all the latest Twitter, Facebook, Friend Feed etc. statuses updates.

So to conclude, the new design it is a very nice improvement over their long standing design but things have moved on and for it to compete against others gaining popularity, like Bing, they need to make sure that there are significant improvements in ease of use and features.

Now I’m slightly bemused at this point why this is visible to me and not others yet. This may just be a test they are carrying out on certain users but nonetheless the design I would expect to be showing up very soon if not already!

If you can’t see it yet – dont worry, it seems that for some unknown reason one of my connections could see it but the other one couldn’t so they may just have been testing it out.

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